With retail banks in the UK constantly looking at ways to minimise their real estate overheads (and continuing to close and dispose of branches) I have long been an advocate of looking at innovative ways for them to co-exist on the high street with other bricks and mortar retailers.  The tie in here in Harvard Square between Capital One and Peets Coffee Store is a prime example of how that can be achieved.

Obviously this sort of tie in is not suitable for every environment but with the proliferation of high street coffee outlets showing no sign of abating this innovative approach seems a no brainer and a win-win for both parties.  A region with a high student population (such as this branch in Harvard Square) provides a great customer experience – somewhere to relax and enjoy your coffee (and no doubt free wi-fi) yet also speak to an advisor to open an account, take out a student loan, deposit that cheque from Grandma (you know, the one to use to buy books not beer) or grab an insurance policy for that shiny new MacBook.

Customers have 2 reasons to visit so there are great cross sell/up sell opportunities for the bank and the coffee store and real estate costs are shared

Am I missing something here?