In 2014, the “age of the customer” was born as a phrase and remained largely abstract. But fast forward just a few years and in 2017, it is the holy grail for businesses – especially banks.

Banks are increasingly being defined by the services and experiences they deliver to customers. Organisations such as Apple and Amazon have raised the bar for organisations across all industries as consumers expect the same level of customer experience regardless of whether they are buying a book, mobile phone or taking out a mortgage.

In order to deliver frictionless customer journeys, regardless of whether they are simple or complex, banks need to take a granular look at each journey and understand the breaking points that cause delays and abandoned journeys. Organisations need to ask the following questions of their customer journeys:

  • Are customers being forced down a channel that they don’t want to use? 
  • Are unnecessary delays caused by waiting for documents to arrive in the post? 
  • Is there a plan for recovering digital journeys that fail to complete? 
  • Are product comparisons well-communicated, or are customers left confused by the range of options to them? 

Addressing these questions will help banks identify the issues and breaks in the customer journey that negatively impact on businesses through increased drop offs, decreased completions and reduced NPS scores.