Barclaycard today reminded us in its press release that it is 10 years ago since chip and PIN services became available.  The drive towards faster payments automation was driven by 2 factors - to decrease fraud in the card industry and to improve the Customer Experience.

Obviously since then we have also seen the introduction of contactless payments - with Barclaycard customers now making more contactless payments in a single month than the entire 2013.  

This drive to deliver a better customer experience has also seen major advances in the mobile banking apps available - making it easier for customers to check balances, view transaction history and make payments from their phone.  

So what next for the payments industry?  Well Barclaycard says only 34% of its merchants accept contactless payments with a further 17% looking to start using contactless soon.  That still only equates to 51%.  And when you consider that 19% of its customers feel annoyed if they cant use contactless (and therefore might look to take their business elsewhere) surely the other 49% of merchants who currently don't accept contactless should be looking to adopt this solution very quickly.  A poor customer experience will end up with customers voting with their feet - and wallet.