There are a few core fundamentals needed when new ventures come to the market; solving a current pain point, an appropriate price point, a smart management team amongst many, many others.

One thing that is perhaps underestimated, is the need for healthy cynicism... especially when your business model requires people to be responsible or behave in an unselfish way. This shouldn't come as a surprise. However, it is surprising that anyone would call this a "sharing economy"... This misses the point of why these "new business models" succeed. They are based not on community usage of an asset, but rather on ultra convenience with minimal effort.

This is less about sharing, and more about laziness! Should we be surprised that laziness and selfishness go together? Isn't selfish behaviour just the ultimate laziness of not thinking about somebody else before ourselves?

When reading this article, think also of the revelations regarding management of organisations like Uber. We thought these cool kids were all about changing the world for the better, and making money was a side benefit. But they weren't... they just wanted to maximise profits and make as much money as possible. So what if they bred a sexists, elitist and ultimately inconsiderate culture for their employees to work in?

Business models won't have altruistic or social consciences until society teaches, and encourages, that behaviour from the get-go.

So says this cynic who would love to change the world for the better... so perhaps a healthy dose of skepticism is necessary before you light the corporate fire around which we'll all sing Kumbaya?