My goal - and my teams goal - is to help our customers drive operational excellence and, crucially, a brilliant customer experience to their own customers.

We're helping organisations to understand the impact of getting those customer 'moments of truth' meaningful and rewarding. That understanding context and providing a personalised service or offering should be the norm.

I am also a big fan of a positive and can-do attitude and that is reflected in how my own team operate.

So, the downside of all this really good stuff - I find that I have now become one of the most intolerant, impatient and grumpy customers when faced with anything less than good service. 

It's basic stuff really...

What cost a smile? An apology if you have kept me waiting?  Don't tut at me if I ask something that you feel is obvious. Please ring me back if you say you are going to. Please stop sending me letters (they all get thrown away without exception). If I'm driving and let you pass, please acknowledge it...I could go on, but you get the drift.

 I have become a female Victor Meldrew.